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Put on your calendar...

  • December 25      Extension Office Closed
  • January 1           Extension Office Closed
  • January 5            LDC registration deadline
  • January 4-7         Western National Roundup, Denver CO
  • January 6-21       National Western Stock Show

Enroll Online today!  Go to 4-H
4-H enrollment will need to be completed in 4-H online.  For instructions on how to access 4-H Online, go to the Morgan County website.  Morgan County enrollment deadline is March 1.  Members must still pay their enrollment fees to the Morgan County Extension Office. Cost to enroll for returning 4-H members is $35.  For new 4-H members it is $30 per youth. Shooting Sports Members an additional $10 fee is due.
No online payment is available, we accept cash or check
Cloverbuds (5-7 year olds) are $15. 
If you do not have access to a computer with internet please call Jamie or Aimee to set up a time to get enrolled (970) 542-3540.

Agriculture Presentations in Morgan County Schools.  This week, Morgan County Extension staff, Fort Morgan Young Farmers and Morgan County Cattlemen were in the Morgan County third grade classrooms to talk about Morgan County agriculture.  Third graders will travel to National Western Stock Show from January 8-11. Pictured is Matt Kalous explaining to Pioneer third graders about branding.  Eric Christensen, Heath Dewey and Alan Meyer also helped with the presentations. 

Leadership Development Conference (LDC) will be held January 27-29, 2018 in Denver. LDC is a fun, educational weekend promoting leadership development and community service. The event is open to youth 14 and over and registration is $160.00, plus up to $55 for lodging. Lodging totals will be sent to registered participants on January 16. This conference is in conjunction with the annual 4-H Day at the Capitol where members can be present during the Proclamation for Colorado 4-H Day. Tours of the state capitol will be available.  Interested youth can register in 4-H Online, December 4th – January 5th. Please contact Aimee at 542-3542 to let her know your intent to attend for lodging purposes or with any questions you may have.

Citizenship Washington Focus . . . will be held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Washington D.C. June 23-30, 2018. Members wishing to attend CWF must be ages 16-19 years of age as of December 31, 2017. The application process for CWF will be completed through 4-H Online, and must be done prior to February 1, 2018. Contact Aimee for more information on how to apply for this opportunity. 

Planning for County Fair

County Fair?  It's seven months away.  I can't even think about it now.
When I mention County Fair, this may be what you think; however during your holiday break, I encourage you to set some "mini" goals to accomplish those projects. Check out these tips!

Expanding Horizons in 4-H
Over the holiday weekend, you may have time to sit down and plan for some of the 4-H activities/opportunities that you'd like to become involved in.  Here is one National 4-H Opportunity to consider:

4-H Project Changes
Family and Consumer Science Projects

  • Decorate Your Duds Project is now called “Upcycle Your Style”.
  • Home Environment Project is renamed and called “Home Design and Décor”.
  • Child Development Project is dropped as state 4-H project.  We are still offering as a county project. 

General and Natural Resource Projects

  • Global Citizenship- some changes have been made.
  • Computers – New unit available is “Programming Through Scratch”. We’re excited about this unit and have it available for 4-H members.I encourage any 4-H member (especially 12 and under) who is interested in computer programming to go to:     Scratch is a free visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch was created to help young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.  
  • Leadership -- New materials.Using University of Illinois for grades 3 – 6 and Ohio State University manuals for older youth.I think the materials will offer more excitement about 4-H leadership.
  • Bicycle project was dropped for 2018.
  • Geospatial (GPS & Mapping) was dropped as state 4-H project.GPS curriculum is no longer available.State is looking toward a Citizen Science project in the future.

Fair Board Vacancy
There are 3 potential vacancies open, each would serve a 3 year term (ending 12/31/2020) on the Morgan County Fair Board.  Address letters of interest to Board of County Commissioners, c/o Connor Woodall, PO BOX 596, Fort Morgan, CO 80701, stating your qualifications and why you wish to serve.  Deadline is December 15.

Shooting Sports Updates

New for 2018-Shooting Sports Members will pay a $10 non-refundable fee at enrollment.  This will cover disposable supplies the discipline leaders have charged for in the past. With the exception of Shotgun Games (5-Stand & Sporting Clays, in Akron), no fees will be charged at practices.

New rule for 2017-2018 4-H year will be that youth must have a Hunter's Safety Card to shoot at the County Fair shoot.  You will still be able to practice without a Hunter Safety Card.
Local Hunter Safety Class will begin on Feb 26 and complete on March 10.  Call Jay Marshall for more information at 867-2803.
The website below is maintained by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and on the site, you can find listings for the classroom type Hunter Education classes or the internet based classes:
This website lists the traditional classroom type Hunter Safety classes:
Don't wait until July if you need a Hunter Safety Card!

4-H Promotional Items are in!!
As part of the 3 year “4-H Grows” campaign, the County Council will be selling metal barn signs, t-shirts, and car window decals. All items are available at the Extension Office. Orders can be placed at any time and we will take t-shirt orders through December 1, with the t-shirts arriving around mid-December. Checks may be made out to the Morgan County 4-H Council, and all proceeds will go to the County Council to be used for their activities to promote Morgan County 4-H and through service activities benefiting Morgan County and its communities.  See attached order form.

Community Service Club Projects ...
I'm really proud at the quality of projects and the amount of youth involvement that our 4-H Clubs demonstrate in carrying out community service projects in Morgan County.

It never hurts however, to evaluate our service projects and to make sure that they enable youth to gain critical thinking skills while addressing genuine community needs. When youth are involved in selecting and planning such efforts, and have structured time to reflect, talk, and write about the actual service activity they are performing the youth learn more, they become more confident about what they have learned, they improve in problem-solving ability, their leadership and social abilities improve, they take more enjoyment in the overall learning experience, they retain the subject matter longer, and they are more likely to volunteer to serve the community in the future.

If your 4-H Club decides to tackle a new project, doing a needs assessment of our community can be helpful.   The following are questions which may be helpful to the 4-H Club.
  • What problems does our community have that are not being effectively taken care of?
  • How many different needs of our community can we brainstorm and list?
  • Have we thought of every community need?
  • How can we make our list more complete? •
  • Would you like to show our list to your friends, neighbors and parents, and see if there are additions they would like to make?
  • So far, our list contains our guesses, and those of others. Do you suppose other groups have listed the problems and needs of our community, or others like it?
  • Can we organize our list into categories? What should our headings be?
  • Are there things we are learning how to do that could help meet the need?
  • Which of the issues we have listed offers us good opportunities to learn, and to share what we have already learned with others? • Some of our issues would take a great many people a very long time to fix. Others would cost a great deal. Which of our remaining issues are about the right size for us? 
  • Can you think of other groups which might be willing to work with us to meet some of these community needs?
  • Can we pick a limited number of issues to work on?
  • What else do we need to know about the issue before we begin to plan? Who or what might have the information we need? With what other groups do we need to collaborate?
  • Since 4-H Clubs vary in age, skills, and educational interests, the issues we select for service learning projects need to allow for a variety of service opportunities. 
Hopefully these questions might help 4-H Clubs in the selection of a community service project.  I especially like the last bullet that might help our 4-H Clubs to make sure that every 4-H member has a role in the club's community service project. 

I also have about 100 different community service project ideas that have been categorized by different 4-H project areas if you are interested.  Thanks-- Janice














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